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We welcome license or co-develop opportunities for our proprietary Triomab® antibody platform. We bring our partners comprehensive expertise in bio-pharmaceutical production as well as clinical development know-how in Triomab® antibodies.

Based on the nature of immune cell engaging therapies, Lindis Biotech’s pipeline products are also open to combination therapy collaborations of different types.

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License or co-develop opportunities are welcome!

Linton Pharm
LintonPharm is our strategic partner in Guangzhou, China for the development of Triomab® and Fleximab® antibodies in Asia.

Trion Research
Trion Research is our research partner in Munich, Germany for discovery and development of new drug candidates.

University Hospital Leipzig
Institute for transfusion medicine, Dr. med. Raymund Buhmann.

The collaboration with the University Hospital in Leipzig, Germany aims at the development of Triomab® – armed immune effector cells for the treatment of hematological and oncological neoplasia.

Helmholtz-Zentrum München
German research centre for environmental health

  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Zeidler: Abteilung Genvektoren. Deutsches Zentrum für Infektionsforschung

With the German research centre for environmental health we collaborate in diverse translational research projects.

Charité Berlin

  • Department of Pediatrics, Division of Oncology and Hematology (PD Dr. med. Annette Künkele)

Together with our partner we promote the non-clinical development of GD2-specific Triomab® antibodies.

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