Empowering the immune System against cancer

Safe and effective drugs against cancer

Lindis Biotech

The Trifunctional, Bispecific Onco-Immune Company
Lindis Biotech is a clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company that is committed to the development of Triomab® antibodies – a new class of T-cell engaging bispecific antibodies, empowering the immune system to turn malignant cancers into manageable and possibly curable diseases.


We combine scientific & pharmaceutical experience. We engage for safe and efficacious biomedical products.


Triomab® antibodies induce a highly potent immune response against the tumor. Read more about Triomab® here.


We welcome license or co-develop opportunities for our proprietary Triomab® antibody platform. We bring our partners comprehensive expertise in bio-pharmaceutical production as well as clinical development know-how in Triomab® antibodies.

Publications & News

In the context of our collaborations, we have significantly contributed to numerous articles published in peer-reviewed journals.


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